Page Setup:

The default view in ArcMap is of the world coordinate system, similar to model space in AutoCAD. The page layout icon on the bottom left of the window will establish a layout view similar to paperspace in AutoCAD and defined by what is set in under File>Page Setup. The scale of the view can be set in the scale pull-down list or by simply typing in the desired scale. An example scale in ArcGIS might be 1: 63360, which would represent 1”=1 mile, noting that the scale will always have the unit-to-same unit ratio. In this example, the scale is 1”=63,360” because there are 63,360 inches in a mile. Additional Sheet Options, including north arrows and scale bars, can be found and inserted from the Insert menu at the top.

Page Layout Icon:

page layout icon

Viewport Scale Toolbar:

viewport scale

File Export:

When a suitable map has been prepared, it can be exported to a variety of filetypes. The most useful files for additional editing will be both a PDF file and Illustrator (.AI) file. These files can be created by selecting File>export from the menu and adjusting the export file extension to the desired format.

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