This Tutorial will explain the steps needed to scale an image in AutoCad.

After the desired images have been inserted, whether it is a plan or an Arial, search for a known distance or length on the image. The distance for example can be a length of a building, a door, or a pathway.

Draw a line parallel to the known object from start to the end of the object as if you were tracing the object, in order to have accurate results zoom into the image as much as possible. In order to draw the Line input the command L then Press Enter or Space Bar.




Input the command SC using the keyboard then Press Enter or Space Bar.

The Dialogue box displaying Select Objects will appear, and then chose both the Line and the image then Press Enter or Space Bar.


The Dialogue box displaying Select Base point will appear, and then chose the base point.

Input the command R then Press Enter or Space Bar.


Select the starting point of the line, then the endpoint of the line.



Input the known distance then Press Enter or Space Bar.


TIP: In order to check the accuracy of the scale of the image input the command Di then press enter or space. This command is used to display the length of any desired objects. Select the start and the endpoint of the object, as soon you select the endpoint a dialogue box will appear displaying the distance.


Watch the following video for a demonstration of the steps mentioned above

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