This tutorial demonstrates a process for creating a section using AutoCAD linework and Adobe Photoshop to collage images and apply color. The tutorial begins by demonstrating how to export the linework from AutoCAD, open in Photoshop, and make minor edits to the linework (1:41). The first rendering steps in Photoshop involve applying base colors to certain elements (3:20) and then collaging images of trees and other vegetation (8:44). When using the same photograph of a tree in multiple instances, the stamp tool is utilized to create variety and distinction among the same tree (13:56). This tool allows for trees to be seen as the same species while also appearing unique. A background image is brought in (25:32) and people are added (28:55) to finish up the section.

A second section is examined that utilizes a different aesthetic but a very similar approach in its construction (34:03). This section utilizes a more analog approach to the rendering through hand-drawn trees and shrubs and a watercolor brush to apply general colors.

Creating a Section in Photoshop Tutorial

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