The following are tutorials that correspond with a 3 part GIS Workshop associated with a Regional Design Studio in the Department of Landscape Architecture at Mississippi State University.

Workshop 1: GIS Fundamentals: GIS Workshop1 Lab Files
Adding Local and Online Data in GIS
Table of Contents and Layer Basics in GIS
Page Setup and Exporting in GIS

Workshop 2: GIS ArcToolbox Functions: GIS Workshop2 Lab Files, Link to Roads File
Intro to ArcToolbox, Using Clip and Extract Tools in GIS
Creating Contours from a DEM file in GIS
Adjusting the Symbology of certain data in GIS

Workshop 3: GIS Modeling: GIS Workshop3 Lab Files, PDF Notes
Building Models in GIS

Workshop 4: Soils in GIS
Downloading and Mapping Soil Characteristics

Video Tutorials:

Foundational GIS Tutorials

Exporting Polygons from Google Earth Pro to Shapefiles in ArcMap