Copy.To.Layer is a collection of digital representation tutorials, critiques and exemplars for landscape architecture students and professionals.  The name itself (CopyToLayer) is a nod to the AutoCAD command that duplicates objects to another layer defined by the user.  Similarly, this website aspires to host digital representation concepts that can be transcribed to the workflow and projects of its users.

This website was originally created to host tutorials and advance the representation skills of students in beginning design courses.  These tutorials will continue to be a primary purpose of the website, covering foundational concepts and helpful tips for design drawings.  Beyond tutorials, The Gallery serves as a collection of rendering breakdowns that uncover the layers, tools, and processes behind design drawings for landscape architecture.  This gallery, however, is a communal exercise and we are asking you to contribute.  Consider sharing with us the workflow breakdown of your best work and help contribute to the advancement of beautiful and purposeful digital representation.

As a curated hub for digital representation resources, we welcome your tutorials, ideas, and examples to help grow the knowledge base found on this website.  Contact us at