The following is a list of existing and anticipated tutorials across multiple software programs.

AutoCAD: Getting Started in AutoCAD Collection
Inserting an Image in AutoCAD
Rotating (RO) an Image by reference in AutoCAD
Scaling (SC) an image in AutoCAD
Inserting and Scaling Aerial Images in AutoCAD
Determining Square Footage in AutoCAD
Page Setup Manager
Inserting Plot Style in AutoCAD
Setting the scale of a Viewport in AutoCAD
Matching Properties (MA) in AutoCAD
Extending (EX) and Trimming (TR) in AutoCAD
Using the AutoCAD Detail Template
Creating a Section from a Site Plan in AutoCAD
Linework Technique for Tree Masses in AutoCAD
Lawn Hatching (H) Technique in AutoCAD
Using the AutoCAD Detail Template

Cleaning Scans in Photoshop

Inserting and Scaling an Image in SketchUp
Basic Tools in SketchUp

Linking images into Illustrator
Creating Shapes in Illustrator
Creating Lines in Illustrator

Document Setup in InDesign
PlaceHolder Shapes
Placeholder Text

Adding Local and Online Data in GIS
Table of Contents and Layer Basics in GIS
Page Setup and Exporting in GIS
Intro to ArcToolbox, Using Clip and Extract Tools in GIS
Creating Contours from a DEM file in GIS
Adjusting Symbology of certain data in GIS
Building Models in GIS

Printing “Fit to Page” vs “Actual Size”